With support from Ghetto Film School, Brooklyn Brewery and the Roger Smith Hotel’s patronage to the arts, the Roger Smith Shorts ‘09 (Festival Workshop) was conceived.   The concept was envisioned as a collaboration of creativity and ingenuity among visual storytellers and those who form the structure behind it.

During this inaugural workshop, six hand-selected emerging directors will be given the opportunity to interact with panelists, industry professionals, and each other as they live at the Roger Smith Hotel.

Each filmmaker will be given five days, access to actors and assistants, and a maximum of three crewmembers.  Throughout the course of the week, workshop filmmakers and Ghetto Film School fellows will participate in daily panels and discussions.  Workshop events range in topic from scriptwriting, casting, and all aspects of production to publicity & public relations, business & legal affairs and film finance.

Unique to our program, filmmakers are required to create their short films entirely within the confines of the Roger Smith Hotel.

Contact Us

For inquiries, room rates and special festival packages at the Roger Smith Hotel, please contact: rogersmithshorts@gmail.com